Kodama Forest is a Oslo based band that mainly plays film music (especially Studio Ghibli music) and game music.  We consist of six instrumentalists with the instruments flute, violin, cello, contrabass, guitar and piano. You can find more information about each member in the left menu.
The band was founded in the winter of 2016 under the name StudIOL Ghibli as a school project at Foss High School music education. Through this project we held a self organised Studio Ghibli concert. Later that same year we got a gig for Arthaus and changed the name to Kodama Forest thereafter. 
Before Covid hit we played at places such as Colosseum kino, Saga kino and ODEON Oslo In collaboration with Arthaus. We have also played at three different Desucon, organised our own Studio Ghibli-konsert and Japanese game music concert.
We started as a Ghibli band, but later grew our repertoar to consist of music from movies, games and TV as well.
The name Kodama Forest is a combination of the fra det japanske kodama which means forest spirit and the word forest. We took inspiration from Studio Ghibli's use of forest spirits in the movie Princess Mononoke.

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