Our journey started in January 2016, when the 3rd grade students at Music Education at Foss High School were given the task of organising their own concerts.
Alva and Jenny, who had already toyed with the idea of ​​playing music from the Studio Ghibli films together, set out to assemble a group that could do just that. It turned out that there were several people who loved the Studio Ghibli music, and after a little while Alva, Jenny, Elise, Magnus, Benjamin and Simen banded together for the project StudIOL Ghibli.
In the span of a few months, we began transcribing, arranging and rehearsing a 30 minute repertoire consisting of well known and beloved Ghibli melodies, and on February 15 we were ready on stage at Deichman Grünerløkka. We had managed to fill up the hall and, although we were nervous, the time flew by.
We couldn't have asked for a better first concert together!
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